Brain Memory

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Before discussing about the Brain storage system, How a computer hard disk stores information?

The computer writes the  information in bits on the sectors of hard disk. For example, the movie copied to the hard disk occupies certain number of sectors. So, the sector acts as an address for the particular piece of information which we are searching for in the computer.


But, Brain’s style is not like a hard disk.

Brain stores an incident in various places and in various forms. For example, if someone slaps you on your cheek, the various emotions experienced by you at that time will be stored in different functional blocks of brain. The pain is stored in one place, the feel of touch is stored in other place and the vision captured by your eyes while slapping will be stored in another place in the brain. In this way multiple emotions has multiple destinations in the Brain. One can not erase an incident by simply cutting the part of the Brain as it’s emotions are stored at various regions in Brain.

Now, how Brain remembers and retrieves information?

No incident is stored in a specific address in Brain, but the emotions of incident get stored at various regions in Brain by the electric, physical or chemical contact between the NEURONS.

Brain has large neuron network. It is a mass formed by neuron cells, blood vessels etc.,.
Neuron or nerve cell is a basic element of the nervous system. Entire nervous system is made up of neurons. These neurons are chemically or physically connected to each other. When there is a recognizable impact on the human, the neuron generates a small amount of electric pulse created by chemical reactions. This leaves an impression of the incident on the neuron and whenever the electric pulse in the same neuron in the same way is generated then a person will remember the incident again. A neuron network can generate numerous electric pulses and each pulse has its own pattern and remembers a single incident.


For example, when someone asks you “What is 2X2?” You immediately answer “4”. The neurons got connected for the calculation of “2X2=4” in our childhood. When someone asks the same thing again, the electric pulse gets generated in the same way remembering the answer.


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