Myths Around Competitive Exams in India

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  1. Since pursuing my graduation, my life has been revolving around various competitive exams and these are some of the famous myths revolving around any competitive exam from my experience on these exams:
  2. Preparation for 15+ hrs a day is the biggest joke that anyone can listen from people. We are the same humans as we were during our school and college days. Sacrificing sleep for the sake of preparation can deteriorate more of your brains ability to store stuffs. Ensure that you sleep at least 6-8 hrs a day.
  3. Feeling that English language is on weaker side is another myth which I came across, seeing few people around us with fundamental level English doesn’t make everyone appearing a master in English. Just work for it if you feel you are less confident and nothing more is needed.
  4. Living a life of saint can be heard from many people who prepare for exams like UPSC etc. Its not a mandatory thing unless you are comfortable alone. Nothing can make you happier than a bunch of well wishing friends around you.
  5. Thinking of passing exams as your life may put you into a serious limbo . Think them as another exam and continuation of your college days.
  6. Mastering every subjects you learn is not a essential factor for clearing these exams as we need not be 100%, we just need to be above the rest and it needs development of more of horizontal knowledge than going into vertical on a single issue.
  7. People consider coaching classes as the only factor to clear, but in this online era of enormous resources, coaching classes isn’t a must but they can guide you in various ways.
  8. Going to job may make you time deficient is also not very true. Actually going jobs gives you a security which can make your preparation hassle free without any impelling force to clear the exams.
  9. Just stop being pessimistic of yourself for heavens sake. Unless and until we are confident of ourselves, nothing is gonna happen in our lives successfully.have a frame of mind that I can do it, this can make us reach heights.
  10. Be inquisitive on whatever you learn and whatever you are gonna learn. Don’t just stop with the books. Go one step ahead in this internet era for being successful.
  11. Importance of being updated is very much important as no exams at present are not without current affairs. Develop reading habit of newspapers which is very much essential for any exams as it will increase our reading speed, vocabulary, update our knowledge base,etc.
  12. Have a good company around you. Positive vibes around us is most important.
  13. And last but not the least,
    Prepare with sincerity and interest. Nothing can make us successful than our hard work.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

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