Suzuki Gixxer Review

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This review is only for Gixxer and not for Gixxer SF.


Gixxer is the powerful bike among its range of bikes. It has got 154.9cc engine which gives the rider a great powerful drive feel. I got my Suzuki Gixxer Red in Jan2016 at Maya Suzuki, Chennai for approximately Rs.84,000/-. The look, feel, pick up, speed and power of the bike were excellent compared to its competitors. In contrast to its competitors Gixxer shows no vibration even at its top speed 115 Kmph. The light weight fibre chassis of Gixxer is little delicate and disappointing but the company judges it for mileage of the bike, which Suzuki claims to be 64 Kmpl. For me, it gave 35 Kmpl before first service and got increased to 50Kmpl after first service. Anyhow the mileage varies depending on the traffic and road. In bumper to bumper traffic it gave 40Kmpl, In fair traffic 50 Kmpl and on Highway it gave almost 55 Kmpl. Along with Bike I got a Owners Manual, 5 years warranty book, a tool kit and a medical kit. The service schedule given by the showroom is shown in the image below.


The sound of Gixxer when pushed hard is amazing and the digital gear shift indicator on dashboard is an add on. It has dual silencer exhausts which looks fabulous and a uni-body seat. No Gixxer model has split seat as of now. Anyhow, the seat is little uncomfortable and not advisable for long drives. Except tools and medical kits, there are no extra sockets or space provided to keep things under the seat. Gears are not smooth and sometimes changing the gears would be a trouble and irritating as well. I am not discussing about Gixxer’s specs as they are available in many websites, I am just sharing my review on my Red Suzuki Gixxer.

Over all my experience with Suzuki Gixxer can be rated as 4 on a scale of 5 (4/5). Apart from seat comfort which varies from person to person and the gears, Gixxer is a wonderful bike in its price segment.


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