Projecta – Portable PCB Printing Machine

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Have you ever did electronic projects?

Did you roam whole city to get your PCB printed at cheaper cost?

I did. I used to roam till dust to get my desired custom designed PCB printed.

Technology has evolved. World is towards miniaturisation and there is an increasing demand for portable devices. We already have portable 3D Printers, CAM machines etc for manufacturing a product according to our customised design at home. Now, IntMinds have announced their portable PCB making machine ” Projecta: The Ultimate Solution For The PCB Printing Problem ” in Kicksatater.


Projecta is an affordable desktop CNC machine optimised for making circuit boards by a new innovative way. From USA, Europe, China, and from Japan to India; from the Middle East and Hong Kong, there is no creative solution for the most critical issue in electronic design: (PCB Fabrication). When you want to turn your innovation from a mere idea to a real product, you won’t have to spend days in prototyping or weeks waiting for factories in order to see your dream becoming a reality. Projecta  prints PCB just like printing a paper, and we it is now ready to share it with everyone. Projecta is a desktop CNC machine that engraves an ink layer on the surface of the board to make your beautiful PCB designs ready for acid etching and get the resolution achieved by photo-resist dry films but without especial equipment or chemical developers.


Buying an ordinary desktop CNC machine will cost you a lot of money, so it was designed with a special spindle to make the price so affordable for everyone. Projecta costs around just $500. Plus, in comparison with other PCB methods, Projecta will always be on top of the competition, as it doesn’t require any special tools or materials to produce, and so the running cost is always a BIG ZERO. The machine is directed to all those who make PCB starting from students and home-inventors to professional engineers. Working with old-school methods for PCB fabrication, you will take a lot of time working on your PCB, developing a film or transferring the ink, which may take a “while,” while Projecta can make your PCB in minutes. No conductive ink for the 3D printer, no photo resist films and developers, no Laminators, or any other material that you always have to buy to make a PCB. All you need is a simple marker that will last for a large number of PCB’s.


Tech Specs:

*Projecta is made of plastic so its body is almost weightless. Stepper motors and axis are inside the box.

*Projecta works with USB interface for maximum ease of use.

*PCB minimum specifications are as follows:

*Minimum trace width: 0.2mm

*Minimum clearance: 0.3mm

*Allowed PCB thickness: 0.2mm-4mm

*Allowed PCB layers: 2 layers

*Working area: 200mm * 150mm

*Machine dimensions: 35cm*30cm*25cm

* Controlled by ARM Cortex-M4


Working Video:

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Projecta: The Ultimate Solution For The PCB Printing Problem

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