Using non-dominant hand to brush your teeth will make you think like Einstein !!!

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We all know about Einstein (Albert Einstein). Sir, Albert Einstein was arguably the greatest physicist in the 20th century and his extraordinary intelligence has long intrigued both scientists and the general public. Despite several studies that focused mainly on the histological and morphological features of Einstein’s brain after his death, the substrates of Einstein’s genius are still a mystery.

Einstein’s Brain was removed 8 hrs after his death and we just been poking at it ever since, looking for the differences that made it such a brilliant mind. Recent study published a journal “Brain, A Journal of Neurology” thinks that they found the answer “The Corpus Callosum”.

The brain is divided into the right and left hemisphere, and the two halves are connected by the Corpus Callosum. This bundle of nerve tissue contains over 200 million axons (nerve fibers that carry electrical impulses from neurons’ cell bodies) by rough estimate. This neural tissue facilitates communication between the two sides of the brain.

Corpus Callosum


The corpus callosum is the largest collection of white matter within the brain, and it has a high myelin content. Myelin is a fatty, protective coating around nerves that facilitates quicker transmission of information. White matter should not be confused with gray matter. The brain uses gray matter for computation, thinking, memory storage, and more. White matter, like the corpus callosum, allows different parts of the brain to communicate with each other. In simpler words, Corpus Callosum make sure that both halves of the Brain communicate with each other.

The things you do are controlled by different parts of the Brain. If those parts are on different sides, they need to work together. To work together they need to communicate through Corpus Callosum. Einstein’s Corpus Callosum had extremely thick connections between the halves of three important Brain regions,

  1. The Prefrontal Cortex which can perform Abstract thinking and decision making,
  2. The Parietal Lobe which can perform Sensory and Motor functions,
  3. The visual Cortex which is used for Sight.

These thicker connections could partially explain why Einstein was so brilliant.

So, How could one think like Einstein ?

The more you use the Brain, the more thicker it’s connections become. In theory, to think like Einstein one needs to do the activities to keep Corpus Callosum active and use both hemispheres of Brain at once. Studies showed that Musicians use their whole Brain more, even Einstein himself was a Violinist. Maybe taking up an instrument or music classes would help to think like Einstein.


Einstein playing Violin

Einstein playing Violin


Handedness could help to think like Einstein. If you use left hand then you are making the right motor part of your brain work. Using both the hands at once may thicken the connections of Corpus Callosum. In 2014 a nature study showed that Juggling use the whole Brain as it requires coordination of both the hands and even using non-dominant hand for small purposes like brushing whole day would potentially do the same. Logic and math puzzles also use the whole Brain as it requires number estimation and comparison.


A Businessman juggling balls on white background



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