Facts on “Spicy Taste” – Mania of Self Harming…

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Not only torturing others, living beings like or enjoy or satisfy torturing themselves too like Scratching or Massaging or Biting (like nails or finger skin) or Having SPICY food. Our body is programmed to classify what it likes and what it hates. Whatever the acts mentioned above are physically torturing your body which gives negative stimuli to Brain. But, our Brain as in we enjoy those stimuli mentally. As Alan Turing said if you remove the satisfaction part then the act of self-hurting too becomes hollow. Let’s explore how spicy food or chili taste is torturing our body…


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There are only five basic tastes and they are

  1. Salt
  2. Sour
  3. Sweet
  4. Bitter
  5. Umami

All the other tastes are a combination of the above five basic tastes. But here is the thing: Spiciness is not produced as a result of the combination of the basic tastes. When you put food in your mouth, the chemicals responsible for the taste of that food are dissolved by the saliva and are carried to the taste pores on the tongue. Once these chemicals reach the taste pores they bind with the taste receptors present on the taste hairs. This causes stimulation of the gustatory cells which in turn causes stimulation of the nerve fibers attached to the gustatory cells. These nerve fibers carry the signal to the gustatory cortex of the brain which interprets the signal and makes you aware of the taste. And that is the basically how you taste something.


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But, Spicy foods excite the receptors in the skin that normally respond to heat and not to taste. Those receptors are pain fibers, technically known as polymodal nociceptors. They respond to temperature extremes and intense mechanical stimulation, such as pinching and cutting; they also respond to certain chemical influences. The central nervous system can be confused or fooled when these pain fibers are stimulated by a chemical, like that in chile peppers, which triggers an ambiguous neural response.


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For example, rub or spread Chili powder, Salt, and Sugar on your body skin. You would feel a kind of burning sensation on the skin where Chili powder is applied. Chilies burn our tongues, make our eyes water and bring us out in a sweat. When the thick skin of body itself gives burning sensation, sensitive tongue burn is not a surprise. To a certain level, spicy food is good for health with many benefits for our body but on an extreme edge, it is damaging your own body. Stay tuned to mpag.in for more posts on effects of spicy food on health. If you like this post, then probably you would be liking all our posts. Please like our page on Facebook MpagOfficial.

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