Expeditious Response by “Ministry of Railways” to a tweet!!

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“I’ve lost my mobile today. I panicked as everyone would. I’m a tech enthusiast and I run a tech journal(vatjournal.com). I love my gadgets like little babies. I was charging my mobile and reading a novel on my way to Delhi from Hyderabad. Traveling in Yeswantpur Samparkranti express. I kept my phone in my pocket. After a while, phone heated up like tawa on the stove. I called my mom that I’m going to switch off and charge the phone. Kept the phone beside me. There was a word that I couldn’t understand from the novel. So I thought of googling it. When I tried to find my phone, Poof! It’s gone.

After a little brainstorming session of my own, I decided to tweet. Tweet to Indian railways(@RailMinIndia). I’ve provided all the information I could. They forwarded the message to the concerned departments (@IR_IGCNI, @rpfcr & @rpfcrngp). With in no time, 5 Railway Policemen arrived at Nagpur station. Wrote a FIR, gave me a feedback form as it was reported through twitter and they left. I didn’t receive my mobile yet but still quite satisfied with the response of our government officials. For someone who said the government isn’t doing good for this country, this is a small example.

There are people who lose things, who’s suffering from illness, who have things to complain about food or issues in their compartment such as hell number of people disturbing without any reserved ticket etc. People don’t know what to do. The best way to enact is by tweeting. Great initiative by Mr.Suresh Prabhu and higher authorities that people need to know.”


-Vikas Patnaik
Thank You!

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