This Octopus walks on land..

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An Octopus has been found walking at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in San Mateo County, California. It walked from one pool to another which is nearby in search of prey (food).

Octopuses are marine organisms and breathe using their gills like fishes. That means they cannot survive on dry land for a long time. But they can stay there for a short period of time by exchanging gasses from their moist skin, which they use to hunt in the land area nearby water pool. Octopuses can survive out of saltwater from 30-60 minutes or so depending on atmospheric conditions. Moist and humid conditions longer and hot and dry sunshine much less!

But, survival is not the amazing thing happened. This specific Octopus in the video below walked on land using the suction cups on the limbs to drag its own body forward. Octopuses were the first animals to walk on limbs without a hard skeleton. They are more adaptable and intelligent. That is why their Brains processed the fact that they could actually walk on land using those suction cups on the limbs.

Octopuses blood is blue in colour. The blue comes from a copper-rich protein called hemocyanin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream and then to the cells of the octopus’s body. Hemoglobin, an iron-containing protein found in the blood of other animals—including humans—serves the same oxygen-transporting function but turns blood red.

Octopuses are amazingly distinct creatures with lots of special features different from other organisms in it. Stay tuned to for more facts on Octopuses and other interesting topics. Please do like our page MpagOfficial on Facebook.

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