Test Your Personality based on the Colours you like…

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“COLOUR – PERSONALITY – MOOD !!! Are you stupid? Do you believe all these stuff?”

This was my response when one of my friends told about the ‘colour-mood’ concept and like me, many don’t believe such theories. But, I realized that I was wrong when my room was whitewashed with a Blue paint. I felt dull, drowsy and exhausted whenever entered that room. Finally, I changed to colour to white and now I feel refreshed in my room. Some Psychologists argue that colour has got nothing to do with our mood, it is just our mindset which makes us dull when we see that colour, and some defend that colour affects our Brain patterns of stimulating emotions. However, if colour affects one’s mood, then it is better to choose their favourite colours to be psychologically satisfied.

Colours also represent certain moods and emotions of people. Have a look at the chart below.

Colour-Mood Chart


And also the type of colour one likes, represent their traits, character, and personality. There are many tests online to get our personality information based on the colours we like. I took my test at testcolor.com and below image shows the result I got. Click on the link below to know yours.


My Personality Result at testcolor.com


Thank You!



“Color-Mood Analysis of Films Based on Syntactic and Psychological Models” a research paper by Cheng-Yu Wei, Nevenka Dimitrova, and Shih-Fu Chang.


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