These images are captured by a Microscope that’s made of Paper and costs just $1 – Foldscope

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Can you imagine a fully functional microscope with a piece of paper? It’s even hard to imagine, right? But Foldscope founders, Mr.Manu Prakash & Jim Cybulski made it possible.


The art of folding papers to create structures or models is called Origami. This is the concept used to make this pocket-friendly yet powerful microscope. The structure is very simple. A paper, lens and a battery to provide electricity to small led. With this, it can let you see cells, bacteria, microparticles etc. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Pictures taken by Foldscope


This can be used by the naked eye to view them or else place the Foldscope lens in front of your mobile’s camera lens to capture pictures or record video. The output is incredible. This can be useful for students, teachers, microbiologists, who can’t afford expensive microscope but very interested in analyzing minute biological particles.

Foldscope costs only $1(Rs.69). But for mass production, they are seeking for crowdfunding. If you want to have early hands-on experience or support their ideology, Foldscope is available on Kickstarter. Click below widget for Kickstarter page of Foldscope.


About Mr. Manu Prakash:

Mr. Manu Prakash

Manu Prakash is an Indian-born scientist who is a Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University. He is best known for his Foldscope and Paperfuge. Prakash received the MacArthur Fellowship in September 2016. He and his team are also working on a water droplet-based computer at Stanford University. His work focuses on frugal innovation that makes medicine, computing, and microscopy accessible to more people across the world.

  • Born: Meerut.
  • Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Field: Biological Engineering.
  • Notable award: MacArthur Fellowship (2016).
  • Nominations: Lemelson-MIT Student Prize.

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Source: The New Yorker, kickstarter, foldscope

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