5 Blue Blooded Creatures !!! And why their blood is BLUE ??

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Humans and many other species have red blood, due to the iron in blood protein hemoglobin which transports oxygen to various organs. Strangely, few creatures have their blood blue in colour. The life-giving liquid in their body is blue because they use Copper instead of iron and have a protein Hemocyanin instead of hemoglobin which is dissolved in plasma, unlike in humans where red blood cells carry hemoglobin.

Here is the list of 5 creatures with blue blood:

1. Octopus:



Octopus’s blue blood helps it survive in the icy cold waters, as well as in warm ones. Scientists have found that hemocyanin is different in various species, hence allowing them to survive in extreme conditions.

2. Pillbug (Roly-Poly):



Pillbug, also Armadillo bus, also Crustaceans are the classy selection of creatures with blue blood.

Fun facts about them:

  • These crustaceans (yep, they ain’t no insects!) do not urinate.
  • They are able to drink with their anus.
  • Sadly … the little guys eat their own poop.
  • When they are sick… they turn blue (not just of sadness) because the hemocyanin is altered by other chemicals in their blood system.

3. Snails:



4. Horseshoe Crabs:


Horseshoe Crabs

These awesome creatures have been around for 450 million years, they are the descendants of trilobites. They are capable of feeding on almost any organic matter (this kept them around for so long). They are not crabs, they are part of a special group called Limulidae. Scientists use their blue blood to test drugs and implants for toxins. Their blue blood has amazing primitive-antibiotics properties, which are used for medical breakthroughs.

Blood Extraction from Horseshoe Crabs for medical and research purposes.

5. Spiders:



Spiders have blue blood for the same reason as Octopus but I do not know why Spider Man’s blood is still red. These many years after transformation didn’t the blood changed to blue??

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