Frothing with Fury- the Curious Case of Bengaluru Lakes

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A city’s ambition is quite independent of its environmental limitations. This kind of attitude towards nature might have been deemed successful over the past few years. But in today’s scenario, it is important to analyze if this kind of growth be sustained? Can this costly clean-up be delivered? The environmental conditions of any lake ecosystem depend upon the nature of that wetland and its exposure to various environmental factors. These fragile ecosystems must maintain a state of environmental equilibrium with its existing surrounding, particularly in the prospective of waste pollution and human encroachment. Pollution of lakes in Bengaluru has been largely attributed to the rapid and uncontrollable expansion of the built-up areas. This has resulted in many surface water catchment areas to be dried out and reclaimed. Even though various measures are now being undertaken to check the levels of degradation facing these urban lakes as a result of encroachment, sedimentation, weed infestation, land reclamation, untreated sewage and industrial effluent discharge, still the picture looks gloomy for many of these water bodies in urban and rural Bengaluru. The pressure on our aquatic systems can be tackled only if the main issues of encroachment and management of domestic and industrial discharges are addressed. Solving the problem at the endpoint will only lead to more serious repercussions and hence has to be addressed at source points with strict enforcement of environmental laws and regulations.

Forth Crossing Lake Boundaries and Entering On to Roads

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