“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

                                                                          – Anton Chekhov


The current mpag.in is the evolution of many ideas and thoughts. The first form of mpag.in was framed at SRM University, Chennai in 2013 with an idea to publish the engineering projects done by us. We modified the idea to include tutorials, workshops, seminars, IT, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. After graduation, making time for mpag.in our routine busy job life has become tough. But our ever existing passion to create something new and exciting pulled us back to mpag.in and we started re-working on our idea and design. Then we realized that passion does not limit to Technology or Engineering, every person has some kind of creativity which they can not show in their professional life. A person good at web development may also be good at cooking. So, finally we decided to design a website with a single agenda to blog anything we like or interested in. Slowly we added categories like cooking, experience, travel, adventure etc expanding the scope of mpag.in.